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Items obtained by BANANA exchange


Dagger Sword Axe Armor Ring Shield Mantle Gloves Boots Helm

Dagger Class

SharktoothRare dagger2 icon Sharktooth
SoulflayerRare dagger2 icon Soulflayer
Dagger of SpeedRare dagger2 icon Dagger of Speed
MystiqueRare dagger2 icon Mystique
Left HanderRare dagger2 icon Left Hander
BlindsideRare dagger2 icon Blindside
CleaverRare dagger2 icon Cleaver
Blood ClawRare dagger2 icon Blood Claw
Mal' NarRare dagger2 icon Mal' Nar --
Mu Soh SaiRare dagger2 icon Mu Soh Sai
Phantom BrideRare dagger2 icon Phantom Bride
QuietudeRare dagger2 icon Quietude

Sword Class

IronheartRare sword icon Ironheart
Pain ClusterRare sword icon Pain Cluster
Red SwordRare sword icon Red Sword
Unholy BladeRare sword icon Unholy Blade
Siren SongRare sword icon Siren Song
SightblinderRare sword icon Sightblinder
Hichiriki-MeidouRare sword icon Hichiriki-Meidou
ApocalypseRare sword icon Apocalypse
The BlazeRare sword icon The Blaze
EchoesRare sword icon Echoes
Ki-4 BalefireRare sword icon Ki-4 Balefire -

Axe Class

The PrompterRare axe icon The Prompter
DarkthornRare axe icon Darkthorn
EvilfangRare axe icon Evilfang
FarslayerRare axe icon Farslayer
GrimreaperRare axe icon Grimreaper
Kudlak's TongueRare axe icon Kudlak's Tongue
OsmosisRare axe icon Osmosis
Dark Side of the MoonRare axe icon Dark Side of the Moon
TempestRare axe icon Tempest
RelayerRare axe icon Relayer
CyclorgeRare axe icon Cyclorge -

Shield Class

BucklerRare shield icon Buckler
Hoshi-KageRare shield icon Hoshi-Kage
The LaughingstockRare shield icon The Laughingstock
RushRare shield icon Rush
Believer's ShieldRare shield icon Believer's Shield
KnighthoodRare shield icon Knighthood
Dual BiasRare shield icon Dual Bias --
Round VisionRare shield icon Round Vision
QuadrantRare shield icon Quadrant

Mantle Class

Robe of StrengthRare mantle icon Robe of Strength
Elven MantleRare mantle icon Elven Mantle
JimbaoriRare mantle icon Jimbaori
TabardRare mantle icon Tabard
The AshlanderRare mantle icon The Ashlander --○
Haunted HeartRare mantle icon Haunted Heart
The SlaughterboardRare mantle icon The Slaughterboard

Armor Class

Brindle ArmorRare armor icon Brindle Armor
Deepblue ArmorRare armor icon Deepblue Armor
Crimson ShellRare armor icon Crimson Shell
HauberkRare armor icon Hauberk
The Sila ShroudRare armor icon The Sila Shroud
MagusformRare armor icon Magusform
Black MoonRare armor icon Black Moon
IndrikRare armor icon Indrik
TriumphRare armor icon Triumph
SongmasterRare armor icon Songmaster

Ring Class

Ring of TaoRare ring2 icon Ring of Tao
Stribog's WheelRare ring2 icon Stribog's Wheel
Seryi VolkRare ring2 icon Seryi Volk
LifebloodRare ring2 icon Lifeblood
Psychic WarriorRare ring2 icon Psychic Warrior
Seven Seas of RhyeRare ring2 icon Seven Seas of Rhye
Dei-Tao/Dai-Teo/Dai-Tio -AduunRare ring2 icon Dei-Tao/Dai-Teo/Dai-Tio -Aduun
Ring of IoRare ring2 icon Ring of Io
MiserablismRare ring2 icon Miserablism
MoonriderRare ring2 icon Moonrider
VaporRare ring2 icon Vapor
Passion, Grace and FireRare ring2 icon Passion, Grace and Fire
The Shooting StarRare ring2 icon The Shooting Star
Death and DecayRare ring2 icon Death and Decay
DreadnaughtRare ring2 icon Dreadnaught
Ring BaseOther icon Ring Base
Ring JewelOther icon Ring Jewel

Gloves Class

Gloves of HasteRare gloves icon Gloves of Haste
Hands of GloryRare gloves icon Hands of Glory
UndertowRare boots icon Undertow ---
IronfistsRare gloves icon Ironfists
Measure for MeasureRare gloves icon Measure for Measure --
Fairy Feller's Master-StrokeRare gloves icon Fairy Feller's Master-Stroke

Boots Class

Boots of ConcentrationRare boots icon Boots of Concentration
CloudwalkerRare boots icon Cloudwalker
Iron CrogsRare boots icon Iron Crogs ---
UndercurrentRare boots icon Undercurrent
WitchstalkerRare boots icon Witchstalker ---
Dance of EternityRare boots icon Dance of Eternity

Helm Class

LionheartRare helm icon Lionheart --
Cilia of GoldRare helm icon Cilia of Gold
Dr. MaliceRare helm icon Dr. Malice --
The Mask EreticaRare helm icon The Mask Eretica